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Movie Travel
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With the rise of streaming audiovisual content platforms, Inmedia and an international consortium of companies present to the European Commission the project FAMOUS (Film festivals And MOvie tourism at Unesco Sites), it had the aim to link UNESCO heritage with locations where films and series have been shot.

The Challenge

Enhance UNESCO heritage and attract the attention of the general public, and young people in particular, to it. In addition, create a cooperation network between the audiovisual industry and tourism promoters.


To highlight the intrinsic value of the European cinematographic and architectonic heritage by creating pilot routes across Europe and promoting them through the different online channels, as well as creating an app with built-in AR and VR.


Business development, market study, storytelling, and creation of the necessary digital tools to enjoy an interactive experience during visits, including the viewing of films and series extracts in the places where they were filmed.

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