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The difference between a meeting with your public and a singular event can be summarized in one word: originality. But it is not enough to surprise: you have to be sure about the result using the right online and offline tools.
Coro Oniferi concert in Barcelona for #RespiraSardegna
Región italiana de Cerdeña
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The island of Sardinia wanted to stand out from its competitors with “out of the box” presentations that include innovative and attractive elements in a very competitive environment. The pandemic has led to the necessity of rethinking formats to adapt them to the digital environment.

The Challenge

To create a destination presentation that gives relevance to the island’s cultural values to deal with seasonality. To generate engaging streaming content with a television and dynamic appearance.


To create a B2B event based on the evocative power of sounds and aromas of Sardinian gastronomy, playing with emotions to create a sonic and gustatory scenery. In a second step, to produce a television program to stream, linked to a personalized gastronomic experience “in house”.


Creation of a Sound Branding for the Sardinia brand through the event “El sonido de una isla” (“the sound of an island”), with the involvement of musicians from UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The music is paired with the dishes prepared live. During the online promotion phase, an online television program is produced and streamed with live connections with bloggers and influencers who enjoy a gastronomic experience.

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