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Business Development

Sometimes, you need a project partner, you want to expand your activity far from home and you need distribution channels, or you want to get known and open up new markets in different European countries.
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NationWide Air Conditioning
360º Comunication, Benchmarking, Lobbying

AC’s British company NationWide is facing a growing demand for its services caused by global warming, but its growth is slowed down by a local technicians shortage, in particular with Brexit.

The Challenge

To build a winning marketing and communication strategy to get qualified technical staff from the EU and Commonwealth, helping to strengthen the company’s development, brand positioning, and image.


To develop a comparative study on wage conditions and administrative constraints at the international level. Implementation of a diffusion policy and public relations for professionals and consumers.


International benchmarking, negotiation with professional and technical training institutions, bilateral agreements, database management, lobbying, and public relations, brand image boost.

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