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Brand development

A brand is a name, but it is also a personality. Choose whether you want yours to be charismatic, reliable, cool, close, reflective, sexy… or a little bit of everything. And if you prefer, dare to get a new look.
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TC Group Solutions
360º Comunication, Branded content, Editorial plan

TC Group is an international company leader in the sector of digital solutions for retail. However, it needs greater media visibility and to be perceived as an endorser in its sector.

The Challenge

To spread an image of innovation and leadership during a time particularly sensitive to digitalization in every field, including sales in physical stores. To reinforce the brand positioning.


Proactive search of opportunities to appear in media from the company’s data obtained by comparing point of sale performances in 900 cities of 30 different countries. To give relevance to the company managers in forums, international meetings, etc. To highlight the competitive advantage to overlay a digital layer to retail.


Launch of press releases, PR actions with the media, search for participation agreements in face-to-face and online discussion forums, trends monitoring, lobbying...

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