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Promotional video Barcelona Medical Destination
Agència Catalana de Turisme
Audiovisual production, Branding, Storytelling, Video edition

Catalonia, and especially Barcelona, has some of the best hospitals in the world. The quality of the professionals, the use of the most advanced technologies, and a privileged environment attract so-called ‘health tourists’. This is an economic resource and a dynamization of the territory that the Catalan Agency for Tourism promotes through its brand Barcelona Medical Destination.

The Challenge

To produce a video to present the new tourism brand Barcelona Medical Destination, raising awareness about the values of innovation, quality, and leadership of the Catalonia health sector, and about the territory’s excellent tourist offer.


Production of two audiovisual works, one for the web, social media, and the commercial presentations of the brand, with pictures of every hospital partner of the brand, coupled with pictures of the principal cultural and landscape attractions of Catalonia.


Briefing and definition of a shooting schedule in 11 reference hospitals. Script and editing of two audiovisual pieces.

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