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When we’re young, we enjoy well-told stories because we believe them. As older, too. Building trust implies seducing with honesty, defining the best strategy, creating captivating content, and choosing the more adequate channels to spread your message.
Report on the Floating Islands in Dubai, Arab Emirates
Branded content, Design, Editorial plan, Photography, Redaction

The sea transports company Baleària gives in all of its ferries the inboard magazine Entreolas, an essential product of entertainment and information, especially during trips where it is little or no reception.

The Challenge

To review the format and the content of the Baleària Magazine. To create an updated version adapted to the new times and readers.


By analysing the client’s objectives, we redesigned the magazine structure and format and we elaborated a new premium content plan. The restyling also included a change of name.


The action plan focused on a restructuration of the magazine with an international vocation, participation in editorial boards, creation of content, and strategic support.

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